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Do you want to be an Interim Manager?

The demand and need for interim managers are constantly growing and mirror the requirements of our time. The managers are experienced professionals who solve challenging demands and assignments. They fill the skills or resource shortages when the current organization has difficulties in managing the tasks or hiring a permanent resource is impossible.

Interim management is a fast, flexible and cost-effective solution. They bring the necessary experience and expertise for the organization´s needs.  The interim manager is in charge of the labor market trend, where tasks change are project-oriented or time limited and part-time. 

The most important value of changeable interim management is often innovation. The company demands a new direction, new ideas, know-how or a new kind of culture. For example, changing a business organization´s operations or operating methods ( transition from a storefront enterprise to a digitized online business) may be the use of an interim manager. When the distressing change phase is over, the interim manager will ensure that the resistance and the mourning stage will move towards contemporary corporate culture. 

The purpose of project base interim management is to acquire operational management to respond to a business-critical project or process. The goals are clear and the profile of the required person is known. Expertise often plays a significant role. Starting an export business, a demanding construction project, an employer-employee negotiations or a renovation process are typical project for interim managers.  

 The purpose of interim management is to provide an over-experienced human talent to the sudden need or corresponding future need. Often, however, the situation is suddenly unexpected and an experienced manager is quickly replaced by an experienced talent. In crossroads, the Interim Managemer is known.

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